BTX-9800D HF Mammography system

BTX-9800D HF Mammography system


X-ray Generator

Complete solid-state high-frequency high-voltage generator.
Generator Type:High Frequency Inverter 80kHz
Input Power:Single phase 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Radiographic Ratings:
– Large Focal Point 20-35kV/10-510mAs
– Small Focal Point 20-35kV/10-100mAs
– Power Rating:6.2kW

X-ray Tube
Model:IAE C339V
Focal Spot Size:Dual Focus 0.1/0.3mm
Target Material:Molybdenum (Mo)
Port Material:Beryllium (Be)
High-speed anode drive: 2800 /1000rpm
Target angle:10°/16°
AnodeHeat Storage:210kJ (300kHU)
Anode Cooling:Air cooling. Filtration:Mo(0.03mm),Al(0.5mm)

Radiographic Stand
C-ARM:Motorized Vertical Movement:590mm
Center of electric rotating C-arm, automatic return function by one key
Mororized Rotations Deg:+90°~-90°
Automatically released after the exposure pressure settings display
Compression flexible stepless speed.
Max. pressure: 200N
Max. travel: 150mm

Cassette Image Receptor: 18×24cm
Bucky Device:18×24cm Bucky drive mechanism
Grid Ratio:5:1,30 Line/cm

Comfortable Compression
When some degree of pressure is required for radiography, it allows you to presser the appropriate pressure(up to a maximum of 20kg)and is equipped with MICOM Control’s Soft-touch system which is designed to minimize the discomfort of the examine with in the pressure range.
Tissue Compression: Manual and Motorized (Max 20kg)
Compression Force and ThicknessData Display
Micro Control’s Compression
Automatic Release


1. The 9800D high frequency molybdenum target mammography machine are featured with very small focus, high resolution, low dosage and micro-computer controlled.
2. It is a high performance breast screening machine for iconography examination of mammary diseases and with high sensitivity for mammary benign lumps,nodes,calcified points and early detection of malignant.
3. Easy to use user interface design with finger touch operation panel,fast reachable buttons and foot switch.
4. Streamlined compressor plate provides the intact breast images.
High quality carbon fiber catridge table with low X-ray absorption that reduces scattered X-ray.
5. The 80KHz high frequency generator designed with advanced IGBT high-frequency inversion technology and quasi-resonant pressure boosting technology.
6. It provides high efficiency,stable voltage,pure output spectral line that produces high-definition images.
7. Reliable and durable mechanical design provides:
Electrical up/down moving smoothly and quiet.
360 free rotation C-arm provides imaging flexibility.

Uptrading digital solution: Model: Mega 600

1. DR system with flat panel detector.
Flat panel detector: UK DEXELA flat panel detector specialized for mammography:
Main parameter of detector:
Detector size:24*30cm
Imaging size:23*30cm
– Pixel r 3888×3072
– Limited Spatial Resolution: 6.0Lp/mm
– DQE:70%
– Dynamic range: 14 bit
– Pixel Size:75um

2 The high-end full digital workstation with Dicom 3.0 interface.

Main specification:
Standard Detector Image Acquisition and image processing Workstation Monitors:
1.17 inch LCD monitor on the console for image-reading and image post-processing; 1M pixel resolution;
2.Dual monitors of 19inch High Brightness High Contrast LCD on the workstation to view and read the mammography images; 5M pixel resolution;
CPU≥Intel Duo Core 2.60GHz
Display Card≥512MB
Network Interface Worklist
DICOM3.0 Transmission
100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet

3. Other optional accessories

– AEC is optional.With AEC mode, it is better to get the high quality images of reliable intensity,which can lead to the accurate diagnosis for the doctors.
AEC Mode:Full AEC(Auto kV) or Semi AEC (kV Select) or Manual (kV,mAs Select)
Density Adjustment:16 density steps.

– Movable bucky gird
Housing and movement devices with ABS high-strength material; high quality brushless digital motor control; high-precision linear guide track; perfect design with patent protection;
Main specification:
Stepless speed:0-6cm/s
Movement range:0.5-2cm;
Grid to ensure of the excellent cutting, making grid lines and angles with the excellent accurancy; it adopts the newest aperture technology to get the higher transmittivity;

Main specification:
Grid ratio:3.5:1
Grid density:36L/CM;
Focal distance:65cm
– Magnification 1.5X
– Other related Protection accessories like lead screen and so on.

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