Clinical monitor RadiForce MS2335WT, made in Japan by EIZO

Highest quality digital picture in 16:9 format and modern Multi-Touch touch control are the key features of the EIZO MS235WT monitor. This model has factory set DICOM tone curves. Hence its ability to display grey scale colours on radiological images  correctly with respect to human eye attributes. Advantage: The picture provided by this monitor is additionally meets binding requirements according to the Quality Assurance Directive (chapter 8.2) and DIN V 6868-57 (chapter 5.3) for application in examinations. The wide viewing angles of the MS235WT model reach a 178 ˚ angle, both horizontally and vertically. The contrast ratio of the monitor reaches 1000:1. The picture therefore remains clear and distinct even when viewing the monitor from various angles.

3 years warranty.

Outstanding value for money! For more information – please ask!