Digital infrared image system IRIS-XP of the Korean company Medicore

Ladies and gentlemen,
We present to your attention the new digital infrared image system IRIS-XP of the Korean company Medicore

 1. Temperature resolution: 0,05°C.
2. Temperature measurement range: 14,5 ~ 40°C.
3. Automatic & manual focus: Both all available.
4. Image resolution: 320(H) x 240(V) or 640(H) x 480(V).
5. Display resolution: 640(H) x 480(V).
6. Detector type: Microbolometer.
7. Wave length: 7,5 ~14 microns.
8. Field of view: 37,5°(H) x 50°(V).
9. Imaging output: RS-170(NTSC).
10. Focus range: 40cm ~ Infinity.
11. Rotatable camera head: Available & Remote controller.
12. Color mode: 8,16,16(chroma), 32, 64, 256, Gray Scale, (7 Type).
13. Image process functions: Zoom, Inverse, Flip, Reset, Magnify, Pan, Fit Subtraction, etc.
14. Real time image storage.
15. Compensation function of room temperature.
16. Software functions: Win level, ROI, DROI, SROI, Pain draw chart, Data Backup, AVI save.
17. Image network system: PACS System.
18. Computer Specification:
– Operating System_ MS Windows 10;
– CPU_ Intel CORE i5 (3.0Ghz, Quad-Core);
– HDD_ 500 GB;
– RAM_ DDR3 8GB;
– MONITOR_ 19.5inch LCD Monitor.
19. Electric power: AC 100~220V, 50/60Hz, 250W.

What is the Infrared Thermography Imaging System? It displays the thermal images of sensitive changes on  the skin surface or  the pain area by detecting the extra minimum infrared ray emitting from  the body. And it is a sole equipment to diagnose the neuropathy, muscle pain syndrome and circulatory disorder which are  difficult to be found by CT or  MRI.

What are the main advantages of Infrared Thermography?

  • It does not give any damages on  the body and it is possible to measure the pregnant women without any radiation.
  • It is non-invasive and has no pain at all.
  • It is possible to evaluate the pain objectively.
  • It can be detecting the physiological problems.
  • It is easy to compare the result before and after the treatment.
  • It helps to figure out the malingering ill.

Advantages of IRIS-XP:

  • Highly advanced technology.
  • Best clinical support and remote-diagnosis system.
  • PACS & EMR are available to the connection.
  • One-stop service for the client from A to Z.


  1. HIGH RESOLUTION COLOR.- It is an excellent temperature resolution to display the color at maximum of 256 scales, making it possible to display delicate body temperature patterns.
  1. REAL TIME IMAGING RECORDING. – It is possible to save the images of taken at real time.
  2. SUITABLE TEMPERATURE RANGE FOR HUMAN BODY.- It measures the temperature range at 14.5 ~ 40.
  3. AUTO FOCUSING TECHNOLOGY.- It is possible to control the focus of images and the patient’s posture as well.
  6. VARIOUS COLOR – PATTERN SELECTION. – It can be applied to select the various patterns with 7 different colors.
  7. VARIOUS IMAGE TOOLS. – Temperature window level control / Region Of Interest (ROI) / DROI / Isothermal Zone / Fit / PAN / Zoom / Magnify / Save all data.


  • Neural Disease: Peripheral nerve injury, Spinal cord disorders, Hyperhidrosis, Migraine, Trigeminal neuralgia, CVA.
  • Musculo Skelectal Disease: Myofascial pain syndrome, Arthritis, Brachial plexus injury, Rheumatoid arthritis, Musculoligmentous spasm, Sprain & strain, Myofascitis.
  • Vascular Disease: Deep vein disease, Varicose vein, Thrombosis, Burger’s disease, Raynaud’s syndrome, Vascular inflammation.
  • Breast Screening.
  • Internal Secretion: Thyroid gland.
  • ENT/Urinary/Dental : Paranasal sinusitis, Impotence, TMJ.
  • Skin Disease: Burn, Eczema, Allergic skin, Effect of skin grafting.

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