Doppler ZONCARE – M5


  • 12-inch high-resolution LED monitor with 90° rotation.
    · Two activeted transducer connectors.
    · 2D, CFM, M, PW, CW, CMM.
    · THI, SRI, TCI, EFov, HR flow, B-steer.
    · Standard Auto IMT measurement.
    · Support local and global amplification.
    · Support PW auto track and auto calculation.
    · Proposed USB ports, supporting multi-data transmission.
    · Color focus automatic tracking, Dual Live and Multi-synchronization technologies.
    · Multiple pregnancies measurement, Fetal growth curve, OB table are standard configured.

Abundant clinical applications:

ZONCARE – M5 has excellent performance and overall applications to meet user`s different demands: Abdomen, OB / GYN, Cardiac, Urology, Vascular, Small parts, MSK, Nerve blocks etc.

Switching from a Black & White system to a highly efficient Color Doppler system has now been made easier and simpler than ever before, making it possible to reach beyond boundaries and transcend the ordinary when it comes to patient care. M5 is a brilliant choice for those who require high-quality image performance, ease of mobility as well as affordability when it comes to advanced ultrasound imaging.

Excellent quality and low price. Available on request with a stroller or suitcase with wheels. For more details and prices, please ask!