Dynamic radiography and fluoroscopy machine PLD 6500

Product description:
1: Application: Full support perspective, gastrointestinal spot film, GI (barium meal, barium enema), orthopedic photography, pediatrics photography, chest, urinary system angiography, gynecological photography (HSG) and many other checks.
It is also suitable for radiology department, orthopedics, ward, emergency room, operating room, ICU and other departments. With flexible movement, easy operation, high efficiency, to meet the radiography for all of human body’s parts, such as head, limbs, chest, spine, lumbar vertebrae, abdomen, etc.

• Table and tube Movement: (SYC20D):
Digital touch screen display on the tube.
Filter: Gobi: 10:1; 103 L / INCH; Fixed Filter 15” x 18””.
Height of tabletop: 600 mm.
Longitudinal moving of spherical column: 1500 mm.
Longitudinal moving of tabletop: 900 mm.
Lateral movement of tabletop: 240 mm.
Tabletop dimensions: 2150 х 810 mm.
Tube rotates around the column: -180° ~ +180°.
Tube Up and down: 1300 mm. (optional, tube 35cm from ground).
Tube Swing around axis: -110° ~ +110°.
Maximum load capacity of the table: 200 kg.

• Bucky stand(XPJ20c).
Range of the detector mechanism Center: 1500 mm.
Features: 498,5 × 449 mm; 230 L / INCH; 10:1.
2. Product Specification.

Item Content Technical Parameters
Power Voltage 380 V ± 38 V
Frequency 50 Hz ± 10 Hz
X-ray High Voltage Power 50 кW
Inverter Frequency 500 кHz


X-ray High Voltage

Tube voltage 40 кV – 150 кV, step 1 кV
Tube current 10 mA – 630 mA
mAs 0.1 – 630 mAs
Fluoroscopy voltage 40 KV – 125 KV
Fluoroscopy current 0,5 mA – 10 mA (continuous fluoroscopy)
5 mA – 20 mA (pulse fluoroscopy)
Collimator Illumination brightness > 100 Lux



X ray tube

Model: XQG50
Tube Focus: big / small 1.2 mm / 0.6 mm
Input power Big focus 50 кW. Small focus 20 кW.
Anode thermal capacity 300 кHU
Anode Heat dissipation: 750 W
Tube Capacity: 1300 кHU
Rotary anode speed 2800 rpm – 50 Hz (8400 rpm – 150 Hz)




Flat Penal Detector

Model: DRF – 1717 LX
Materials A-Si (Amorphous Silicon) – CSI
Active area 427(H) × 427(V) mm
Pixel matrix 3072(H) × 3072(V)
Pixel pitch 139 μm
A/D 16 bit

Pulse fluoroscopy

20 fps (1536 x 1536, 42.7 cm x 42.7 cm)
30 fps (1024 x 1024, 42.7 cm x 42.7 cm)

Continuous fluoroscopy

20 fps (1536 x 1536, 42.7 cm x 42.7 cm)
30 fps (1024 x 1024, 42.7 cm x 42.7 cm)

Image acquisition workstation (New software)
Registration: routine registration, emergency registration, adding agreements, adding items, clearing information and starting inspection;
Worklist: list information, patient search, list refresh, delete check, display column settings. Start inspection and emergency registration;
Check list: list information, display and search of checked patients, delete image, image storage, cd burning, add items, display column setting, modify check information;
Body type: thin adult, adult, fat adult;
Photography parameter setting: exposure mode, frame rate setting, kVp, mA, ms, mAs, AEC, focus selection;
Fluoroscopy parameter setting: exposure mode, frame rate setting, kVp, mA, abs, time clearing;
Browsing tools: zoom, horizontal flip, vertical flip, left turn 90 degrees, right turn 90 degrees, zoom in, zoom out, original size, moving image, anti color adaptive size, ROI magnifying glass, magnifying glass, default window width window level, ROI window level, visual window width window level, point gray value, advanced processing, ellipse gray measurement;
Measurement tools: arrow, cardiothoracic ratio (ctr), distance measurement, angle measurement, spine measurement;
System tools: text mark, front position mark, left mark, right mark, circle clipping, delete image, delete tool, error reset, exposure indication, full screen, save the current image, print;
Report editing: patient information display and editing, photography image selection, report content template selection, report description, report conclusion, report description+conclusion, edit knowledge base, report doctor, review doctor, report time, print template, set, save report;
Report printing: fast printing, printing reports;
Image archiving: burning, printing, delete images, image storage, browse images, reports, Lock/Unlock, storage queue, print queue;
Disc burning: volume label, save settings, file compression, file structure;
Printing: DICOM printer, local printer;
System setting: system, annotation information, tools, other;
Hardware configuration: Syncbox, high voltage, detector, Collimator, DA;
Network configuration: Local, work list, Netstore, LocalStore, print:
Inspection management: basic information, positioning information, hardware parameters, image processing, inspection protocol;
Quality management: search, system management;
User management: add, update, delete, permissions.

Price: Modern technology at an exceptional price. Please ask!

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