Fully automatic and modular operating table VECTOR 9, made in Germany by TEKNO-MEDICAL Optic-Chirurgie GmbH

  • Newest electro-mechanic propulsion technologies guarantee an extremely precise and simple patient positioning.
  • By simply pushing a button, all Vector 9 segments can be easily adjusted according to the specific need.
  • Designed as a modular system, the central column can be set up without delay for different applications.
  • When fast is not fast enough, our mobile desk tops offer the maximum efficiency.
  • Various transport carts in combination with the modular table tops are the answers to quite every requirement.
  • The bar-less and slidable construction of the radiolucent table tops allows the simple and direct radiography of the patient.
  • The slender center column guarantees the surgeon perfect liberty of action and sufficient space for ergonomic work.
  • With the supplied transport system, the table can be at any time fully automatic lifted and moved.
  • A vast assortment of accessories and the 25 x 10 mm side rails meet all requirements.
  • Perfectly processed high-grade steels and laminates which are resistant to disinfection media stand for the optimal integration and a long lasting service life in a challenging environment.
  • Even though the VECTOR 9 is state of the art and its parts and components have been produced on precise machines, each of our tables transport a good portion of traditional handcraft of our workers – quality on which you can rely.
Up / Down  ■ЕМ
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg  ■ЕМ
Lateral tilt  ■ЕМ
Back rest adjustment  ■ЕМ
Thorax section adjustment  •M
Leg section adjustment  ■ЕМ
Head section adjustment  •M
Longitudinal sliding  ■ЕМ
Cranck for emergency movement °C
Length minimum 940 mm – maximum 2440 mm
Width 520 mm
Pads 80 mm
Maximum load 250 kg.
Height adjustment 500 mm
Min. height / Max. height 700 mm / 1200 mm
Trendelenburg  30˚ / 45˚
Lateral tilt  35˚ / 35˚
Back rest adjustment  +90˚ / -60˚
Leg section adjustment  +90˚ / -90˚
Leg section spread up to 220 / 355 mm
Head section adjustment  +90˚ / -60˚
Thorax section adjustment  +90˚ / -60˚
Longitudinal sliding 400 mm

LEGEND: ■ЕМ – electro-mechanic; •M – Manual; °C – Crank


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