Hand-held Dental X-ray Generator, Model REXTAR X, Manufacturer Econet Germany

Product description:
Double rigid shielding ensures the safety from radiation leakage.
Optimized dose settings (70kV, 2mA) for clear dental X-ray exposures.
Focal spot of 0,4mm for sharp image resolution.
Integrated battery for up to 300 exposures.
Light weight of 1,9 kg.
3,5” coloured LCD display.
APR memory slots for prestored exposure times.

The compact and light-weight construction of the REXTAR X enables an easy handling and taking X-ray exposures by only one hand.
The integrated battery allows a wireless usage and up to 300 X-rays with one full charging.
Storable exposure times for different sizes of animals and different types of teeth simplify the usage of the REXTAR X and optimise the workflow. The fixed setting of 70kV is the ideal exposure value for the penetration of bone structures in the dental region.
The focal spot of 0,4mm is an important factor for getting X-ray images with clear and sharp resolution.
The double rigid shielding inside the device ensures the safety and protects the user from leakage radiation.

3,5″ coloured LCD display Comfortable and practical carrying bag
Accesories: Specifications:
Cone 1 (40mm)
Cone 2 (140mm)
Neck belt and hand strap
Carrying bag
Battery charger & power cable
Backscatter shield (Optional)
Backscatter shield (Optional)
Aluminium stand with ball head (Optional)
kV/ mA: 70kV / 2mA (fixed)
Exposure times: 0,01 – 1,30 sec. (43 steps)
Tube: CANON D-401
Focal spot: 0,4 mm
Display: 3,5″ LCD
Battery: 11,1 VDC
Dimensions: 146 х 155 х 139 mm
Weight: 1,9 kg.