We present to your attention a high-end 16-slice CT with an optimal resolution ScintCare CT16


ScintCare CT16 was developed by FMI, the subsidiary of MinFound in the USA. After five years of R&D, the ScintCare CT16 has become a high-end 16-slice CT with optimal resolution. The company owns the intellectual property rights.

ScintCare CT16 is able to meet the high throughout scanning demands of the AAA hospitals, moreover, it also can meet the needs of the various clinical examinations in the county level clinical centers.

Global procurement ensures high reliability:

  • ScintiStar® detector (USA).
  • DUNLEE large heat storage tube for multi-slice CT (USA).
  • Spellman HV Generator (USA).
  • MOOG military-grade slip ring (USA).
  • Franke aerospace quality precision heavy-duty bearing (Germany).

The integrated casting of stator and rotor.

The rotor and stator of the gantry are both made by a precise casting process to ensure their mechanical stability and rigidity during high speed rotation. There is virtually no deformation to the source and detector alignment during rotation, ensuring artifact-free image quality.

ScintiStar® Detector. Owning the intellectual property rights, the CT detector research and development was done by the top international CT detector and system experts.

Ultra-high speed rare earth scintillator material. This material increases the quantum detection efficiency, and has a very fast decay time, thus can improve the spatial resolution and produce good image quality even at a lower dose.

ASG + ASIC design for maximum signal-to-noise ratio. The detector module design is fully integrated and miniaturized to meet important performance parameters: low scatter, low electronic noise, high signal-to-noise ratio, etc.

Retina solid state detector technology provides high-quality images The total number of detector elements covers 50 cm field of view with 19.2 mm Z-coverage. This provides more detailed information for image reconstruction.

ScintCare CT16 provides enough information to make a better diagnosis.

Excellent quality. Promotional prices. For more details, please ask! Can be fitted with 3 models of X-ray tubes with different heat capacity.