Quantitative ultrasound for childbirth monitoring SensUS

SensUS is the unique non-invasive and reliable solution allowing an objective and real time monitoring of labor progression. It is an effective and user-friendly support for the operator in the objective identification of the case in which a medical intervention is required.

Our technology integrates QUS hardware and software into an advanced device able to overcome the limitations of traditional ultrasound investigations, essentially due to qualitative assessments and dependence on operator experience.

Acquired ultrasound signals and echographic images are automatically processed to measure fetal progression parameters, displaying them through highly intuitive 3D reconstructions and synthetic graphs of the temporal evolution of clinically relevant indications.

In a few seconds it is now possible to safety and reliable assess the fetal progression in the birth canal.

The technology demonstrated to be well tolerated by patients, completely non-invasive and more accurate with respect to routinely adopted manual inspections.


Accuracy Fetal Head Station (FHS) Progression angle (PA)
Average deviation 1.3 mm 1.0˚
Correlation coefficient (r) 0.97 0.98


  • Trans-labial ultrasound scan
  • Fully automatic processing of ultrasound signals and echographic images
  • 2D visualization of segmented B-mode ecographic image
  • Visualization of a simplified 3D reconstruction of fetal position
  • Visualization of the labor progression curves (partogram)


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