Wireless Pocket Ultrasound Manufacturer QSONO

  • Excellent image quality.
  • Stable wireless connection.
  • Detachable probe heads.
  • Abundant scan mode supported.
  • Long continuous scan time.
  • Multiple platform supported.
  • Super light and small main unit.

Clinical Images:


Anesthesia, Breast , Chronic Pain, Critical Care, Education, General Practice, General Surgery, Hospitalist , Internal Medicine, Interventional , Midwife, Military, MSK , Naturopathy, Nephrology, OB/ GYN, Oncology, Other, Pelvic Rehabilitaion, Physiotherapy, Plastic Surgery, Pеdiatry, Pulmonary, Research, Rheumatology, Rural Medicine, Urology, Vascular, Veterinary Medicine.

Unique Feathers:

  • The weight is about 300g equivalent to two baseballs. The size is equivalent to iPhone.
  • Symmetric design is usefull for left-handed doctors.
  • Raised appearance silicon button can support the blind operation.
  • Detachable probe heads with IPX6 standards.
  • High-resolution ultrasound images.
  • 8 hours long continuous scan time based on low-power solution.
  • Stable wireless connection to most iOS, Android smart devices and Windows PC.
  • Easy software to use on most iOS, Android and Windows platform devices.
  • Abundant scan mode: B-mode, M-mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Pulse-wave Doppler.

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