Digital video laryngoscope SmartScope LV Pro, manufacturer Sinohero China

Main features:

  1. Safety:
  • Ergonomic and durable design for long time usage
  • High quality material with anti shatter protection for whole unit
  • Disposable Blades avoid cross infection
  • Anti-Fog Lens and Anti-Microbial Handle
  1. Fast:
  • Fast intubation after short time training
  • Fast install or remove disposable blade
  • Lightweight and portable
  1. High definition:
  • 3,5 inch anti-reflective full touch display with 640*480 resolution
  • 0 Mega Pixel camera provides 1280*720P photos and video
  • Rotation angle for up-down ≥ 120° and left-right ≥ 270°
  1. Easy to use:
  • One shot button for recording
  • One cable connection to a PC for data management
  • One cable connection to a larger LCD for a better view (optional)
  • Wireless charging (optional)
  1. Cost efficient:
  • Favorable cost for all kinds disposable blades
  • Rechargeable battery for at least 4 hours working time

Suitable for: