Intensive care type Mechanical ventilator device model BIYOVENT, manufacturer BIOSYS, Turkey

  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
  • Built-in nebulizer
  • High flow oxygen therapy, N-CPAP / C-PAP functions
  • Suitable for adults, children and newborns
  • Intelligent ventilation modes

Technical characteristics


Ppeak (cmH2O) Compliance (mL/cmH2O)
Peep (cmH2O) RC Constant (sec.)
Minute Volume (Lt/mins.) Изтичане (%)
Tidal Volume (ml) WOB (joule)
Breath Number (Number/mins.) WOB/Lt (joule/Lt)
Pplato (cmH2O) Vresidual (mL)
Port (cmH2O) Vexpiratory (mL)
I:E Rate Vinspiration (mL)
Ti (sec.) AutoPEEP (cmH2O)
Te (sec.) P0.1 (cmH2O/ 0.1s)
Inspiration Peak Flow (Lt/mins.) RSBI (ss/min)Lt
Expiratory Peak Flow (Lt/mins.) PTP (cmH2OXsec)
Кислород (%) P_nif (cmH2O)
Minute Volume (Spn) (Lt/mins.) Expiratory Volume/mins.  (Lt/mins.)
Breath Number (Spon) (Number/min.) Leakage Constant (Ltr/m)/cmH2O)
R Airway (cmH2O/ Ltr/sec) Instant Tidal Volume (mL)
Elestance (cmH2O/Ltr) Elestance (cmH2O/Ltr) rcExp (sec.)
Children Adults Pressure Welding Features Size and weight Digital interface
Breath Number:


Breath Number: 1-100/mins. O2 Pressure:

2.5 – 7 Bar Central System/Tube

H: 150 cm, D: 58 cm, W: 58 cm USB: 4 pcs. / COM: 2 pcs.
T inspiration: 0.1-10 sec. T inspiration: 0.1-10 sec. Air Pressure: 2.5 – 7 Bar Central System/Tube Weight: 55 kg HDMI: 1 pcs. LAN: 2 pcs.
Tidal Volume:

0.02-0.3 l

Tidal Volume: 0.1-3 l Automatic change and alarm display at the end of welding Display movement: To the right or left 150˚ to up and down 15˚ Display Port: 1 pc.
Flow: 1-60 l/ min Flow: 2-120 l/ min Operating with Medical compressor / Regulator Display: Full touch screen Mic. In: 1 pc.
Pressure-Targeted Modes:







Volume-Targeted Modes:






Electrical Features:

Battery Duration: 2 hours + 8 hours (Optional)

Mains Voltage: 180 – 264 VAC

Power Consumption:

47 – 63 Hz 100W

Operation Features:

Inspiration Pressure: 2-100 mBar

Inspiration Duration: 0.1-10 Sec.

Peep Pressure: 0-50 mBar

Breathe Speed: (ç) 1-150/mins. (y) 1-100/mins.

Flow: (ç) 1-60 lt/mins. (y) 2-120 lt/mins.

O2 Mixture: 21-100%

Spontaneous Pressure Support: 0-100 mBar

Spontaneous Modes Optional Features
SPN-PS Use in neonatal patients
SPN-VS SAV (WOB Optimisation)