Projection Vein Finder VIVO500S

The Projection Vein Finder VIVO500S is based on the principle that human hemoglobin has a higher absorption of infrared light than other tissues. With our enhanced imaging processing unit, up to 80% invisible veins can be detected. The processed vein image is synchronously and precisely projected back on to the skin.


  • DLP display
  • Penetration depth – 8 mm beneath the skin
  • Brightness – Adjustable brightness (four levels)
  • Optimal imaging distance – 210 mm ± 30 mm
  • Radiation – ≤ 0.6 mW/m2
  • Net weight – 430 g
  • Size – 213*65*62 mm
  • Operating mode – Basic mode, Green light mode, Depth detection, Pediatric size

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