We present to your attention the new 32-slices CT at an exceptional price ScintCare Blue 755

Professional and accurate, delicate and comprehensive:

  • High-Definition.
  • Super-fast Workflow.
  • Low-Dose.
  • Long Service Life.
  • Advanced Aplication.

A high-end 32-slices CT with Optimal Resolution:

  • ScintyStar Detector:

Owning the Intellectual Property Rights..

– New Modular Integrated Detector.

– High Contrast Resolution MTF 10%; 13 lp/cm.

– Ultra-high speed rare earth scintillator material. – This material increases the quantum detection efficiency, and has a very fast decay time, thus can improve the spatial resolution and produce good image quality evan at a lower dose.

– ASG + ASIC design for maximum signal-to-noice ratio. – The detector module design is fully integrated and miniaturized to meet important performance parameters: low scatter, low electronics noice, high signal-to-noice ratio.

  • Low Dose Technology:

– imA (intelligent mA). – The output milliamperes of the X-Ray tube are automatically controlled according to the size of the patients and the scanning position, so as to ensure a more balanced image at each layer, while the patient receives a lower radiation dose.

– NDI (NanoDose Iterative). – The raw data is iterated simultaneously in the projection space and the image space. The projection space iteration process integrates the physical characteristics of the X-Ray tube and the detector, and the image space iteration process is based on the deep learning network of the anatomical structure. NDI+ guarantees the image quality at low dose.

  • Super-fast Workflow. One-key Intelligent Scanning.

Large Pitch Spiral Scanning with SAC Technology.

  • High-speed Reconstruction System.
    • Optima Design:

    – One Side Integrated Control. – Optimize System Control Layout. Improve Systematic Process Flow. Ensure Product Quality and Stability. Improve After-sales Maintenance Efficiency.

    – Thermal Insulation Design. – Improve Heat Dissipation Efficiency. Extend the Life of Detector. Ensure the Image Quality.

    – The Integrated Casting of Stator and Rotor. – Minimum Vibration During Rotation. Minimum Deformation During Rotation.

    – High Precision Bearing. – Zero Error and Zero Runout under High Speed Rotation. Achieve Military and Aerospace Level Requirements. Long Service Life and Excellent Stability.

    – Multi-point Temperature Control Technology. – Automatically Monitor the Temperature. Ensure the Stability of System Operation.

      • Clinical Application Image.
        • Cloud diagnosis. – Famous radiologists diagnose through remote image diagnosis solution, improving primary hospital diagnosis ability.
        • Cloud storage. – MinFound Cloud storage is safe, stable and able to save much cost: payable based on requirement; it saves equipment purchasing and operation cost.
        • Global After-sales Cervice.
      • – Automatic Fault Warning Function.- Remote Service Function.


        • Aperture:70 cm.
        • Manual control from POD at console.
        • Gantry cooling: air.
        • Gantry rotation: belt-driven.
        • Slip ring type: low voltage.
        • Positioning system: 3D lasers.

    HV Generator:

        • Power rating: 32 kW.
        • mA range: 10 – 300 mA.
        • kV range: 70 kV, 80 kV, 100 kV, 110 kV, 120 kV, 140

    X-Ray tube:

        • Anode heat storage capacity: 5 MHU.
        • Anode heat dissipation: 735 KHU / мин.
        • Small focal spot size: 0.7 mm × 0.8
        • Large focal spot size: 1.2 mm × 1.4


        • Number of detector rows: 16.

    Number of detectors per row: 704.


        • Maximum motion range:1600 mm.
        • speed in horizontal direction:150 mm/s.
        • Motion tolerance in horizontal direction (200 kg):±1mm.
        • Table elevation range:440
        • Max weight load:450 lb (205 kg).
        • Foot pedal control, table horizontal motion.


        • Uninterrupted power supply UPS (3 KVA) to prevent sudden power outages and ensure the system stability.
        • Memory: 32 GВ.
        • Hard disk: 2TB + 1TB.
        • Frequency: 3.6 GHz.
        • Liquid crystal display of high resolution, displaying matrix (M * M): 1920 × 1200.
        • Progressive scan display.
        • DICOM 3.0 network interface.
        • Burn mode:
        • DICOM 3.0 print interface.
        • DICOM 3.0 output and input interface.
        • Auto-film.
        • Auto-voice and integrated intercom for communication between operator and patient.
        • RETRIVE,
        • Include HIS & RIS interface.
        • Raw data can be reconstructed on the workstation.

    Scan and Image Reconstruction:

        • The fast rotation time: 0.75 s / 360°.
        • Longest scanning time:100 s.
        • Longest scanning range: 1200 mm on the original tabletop with head holder; 1300 mm on the original tabletop with the short extendet tabletop; 1400 mm on the original tabletop with the long extended tabletop.
        • Scout scan direction: anteroposterior, lateral.
        • Pitch range: Standard 0.25 – 1.75. Optional: 0.1 – 2.0
        • Maximum number of slices per rotation:16 / 32 slices.
        • Thinnest image slice thickness in 16-slice mode:25 mm.
        • Thinnest image slice thickness in 32-slice mode:25 mm.
        • Thinnest reconstructed slice thickness in 16-slice mode:25 mm.
        • Thinnest reconstructed slice thickness in 32-slice mode:25 mm.
        • Nominal slice thickness for axial scan: 1.25 mm,5 mm, 5 mm,10 mm.
        • Nominal slice thickness for helical scan: 1.25 mm,5 mm,3.75 mm, 5.0 mm,7.5 mm,10 mm.
        • Parallel image processing.
        • Simultaneous Reconstruction: Can reconstruct and reorganize the images simultaneously with a variety of options. Different reconstruction options are available within the scan protocol.
        • Scanning FOV:
        • Image reconstruction matrix:1024 × 1024.

    Image display matrix:1024 × 1024.


        • Input voltage: 3-phase 380 V, 50 Hz.
        • Power: 50 kVA.

    System Software:

        • Beam hardening artifact correction software.
        • Posterior cranial fossa optimization.
        • Motion correction reduces motion artifact.
        • Pediatric protocol.
        • NDI (NanoDose Iteration).
        • Filming print software.
        • Remote maintenance system.

    Accessory KIT:

    Patient Table Pad, Head Holder, Head Holder Cushion, Phantom.

    Clinical Application:

    Include Volume Reconstruction (VR), Multi-planar Reconstruction

    (MPR), Curved Planar Reconstruction (CPR), Surface Shaded Display

    (SSD), MIP,MinP.


        • UPS.
        • Printer.
        • High Pressure Injector.
        • FOV: 500 mm.
        • Workstation:

    – 16GB Memory, 24”color display, 1TB SATA hard disc.

    – 3D image reconstruction: Include VR, MPR, CPR, SSD, Simulated

    scalpel, Virtual endoscope, CTA remove bone, CTA subtraction.

    – Cerebral hemorrhage measuring tool.

    – Skeleton internal fixation fluoroscopy technique.

    – Advanced automatic melting of bone.

    – CT vessel analysis.

    – Bone fragment removal.

    – ROI creator.

    – Stent planning.

        • Abdominal fat analysis.
        • The orthopaedic module.

    Extremely low cost, no compromise on quality. For more information, please ask!

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